Education After High School: The Differences Between Private and Public Colleges
If you are considering attending college, you need to decide whether you want to attend a public or a private college. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it ultimately becomes a matter of personal preference. Look at some of these differences and use them to help make your decision between private and public colleges. Make sure you understand whether each university you apply for is public or private before making your choice.

Though there are exceptions, private colleges tend to be smaller than public colleges. This creates a completely different atmosphere on campus. At a private university, you are less likely to get lost in the crowd. It generally means you can write my essay online with more individual attention from your professors. Private universities usually have weaker athletic programs, so if you are interested in sports, consider a public university.

Class Sizes
Public universities typically have classes with many more students than private universities. This allows you to spend more time with your instructors individually, which is a huge advantage. Public universities get to spend more money on each class because of the larger class sizes, which means exciting demonstrations and guest lecturers.

Many public universities use graduate teaching assistants to teach classes to undergraduates. This means you often do not get to experience class with a full-time professor. Private schools tend to reject this practice in favor of tenured professors, which means graduate students have fewer opportunities for work while attending school.

The biggest difference between public and private universities is the cost. Public universities are subsidized by taxpayers, which means they do not need to charge nearly as much for tuition. This helps make the universities more affordable. Private universities tend to charge significantly more for tuition, but they come with large endowments. These endowments often make for generous scholarships, so make sure you look into the financial aid packages before you make a decision about a private university based on cost.

The differences between public and private colleges are numerous, but they each give a worthwhile education. Take as many courses as possible and put serious effort into all your classes. Whether you attend a public or a private school, college is extremely expensive. Put time and effort into your college experience to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

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